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PALM - Linen Mist

Thora & Nell

PALM - Linen Mist

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PALM is a soft, airy composition inspired by breezy, sun kissed, summer days shaded under rustling palm trees. With light, earthy top notes of eucalyptus and lavender, PALM weaves through teenage memories spent under shady trees with sea spray coating your skin. A cascade of zingy citrus bergamot and lime, anchored by clean pine needles and lightly spicy clary sage lend to nostalgic memories of childhood beach days.

Relaxing and calming, the PALM aromatherapy blend has refreshing and focusing properties and can aid with uplifting.


Top notes - lavender, bergamot.

Middle - eucalyptus, rosemary

Base - clary sage

Shake well before use and mist onto bed linen, cushions or simply mist around the room to subtly fragrance the air with the PALM blend.