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Equinox Essential Oil Candle Small

Thora & Nell

Equinox Essential Oil Candle Small

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essential oil candle
small 120cl

The Equinox fragrance is warming and lightly spiced. Notes of vanilla essential oil are balanced with dry, woody and slightly sweet sandalwood and anchored by spicy black pepper. Juniper berry essential oil adds a spicy, sweet undertone combined with lightly floral, woody rosewood.

Vanilla Essential Oil - Used to instil comfort, euphoria and relaxation. Can reduce signs of depression and anxiety and is an aphrodesiac.

Sandalwood  Essential Oil - Grounding and uplifting and often used in meditations and can aid insomnia.

Black pepper Essential oil - Can relieve feelings of anxiety and sooth tightened emotions.

120cl candle
Raw eco cotton wick
Burn time - 20-25 hours