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Cosy essential oil soy candle - Limited Edition
Cosy essential oil soy candle - Limited Edition

Thora & Nell

Cosy essential oil soy candle - Limited Edition

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Warming and subtly spiced bitter oranges, the Cosy fragrance captures comforting memories of Christmas by the fire. Zesty top notes of bitter orange are paired with warmly spiced nutmeg and clove and anchored by woody frankincense and patchouli. Hand blended essential oils are chosen with specific aromatherapy benefits to comfort, uplift and warm.


Bitter orange - Uplifting and energising for the body and is often used in Ayurvedic medicine as an aid to meditation. Can ease stresses and anxiety

Nutmeg - Emotionally uplifting and balancing and has soothing and comforting properties.

Clove - is often referred to as an anti-microbial oil, clove can be used to treat pain. Aromatically it possesses a stimulating and invigorating fragrance.


All candle fragrances are hand blended with 100% pure essential oils with aromatherapy effects and benefits. Cotton wick and soy wax candle.

180cl jar - burn time approx 25-30 hours

300cl jar - burn time approx 35-40 hours