TERRA essential oil candle

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TERRA essential oil candle

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noun for earth or land

essential oils

cedarwood - a sweet, woody fragrance that is characterised as warm and comforting and is promoted as a stress reliever.
clary sage - a herbaceous fragrance, known for its healing benefits to women's health and can induce feelings of calmness, clarity and relaxation.
black pepper - aromatic and spicy, black pepper oil is know to improve circulation and help ease the pain of aching muscles.
The 'TERRA' candle is poured with creamy, luxurious soy wax and blended with 100% pure essential oils. A woody, warm fragrance with earthy, deep notes.  Lightly woody and floral top notes of rosewood is teamed with  middle notes of spicy black pepper and herby thyme, anchored by deep cedarwood and patchouli. 
200cl candle
Raw eco cotton wick
Burn time - 35-40 hours