'SOL' crystal infused candle
'SOL' crystal infused candle

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'SOL' crystal infused candle

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masculine noun for sun
"under the sun soaked citrus trees"
The 'SOL' candle is poured with creamy, luxurious soy wax and blended with 100% pure essential oils. A soft, exotic, floral fragrance with warming, woody undertones. Citrus top notes of bitter orange and white grapefruit are teamed with black pepper and ylang ylang, anchored by deep cedarwood, heady jasmine and floral neroli. Infused with a citrine crystal (the sun stone) which has a vibrant energy and emanates positivity and joy. Citrine infuses the spirit with positive energy and has been used in synergy with clear quartz to aid your manifestations to promote wealth, strength and creativity.
essential oils
neroli -  a rich, floral and citrusy fragrance. Can have regenerative properties and is used to help relieve anxiety.
jasmine - a warm, exotic, floral fragrance that relaxes and uplifts and enhances self confidence. Has been used in history for balancing feminine energy in the body.
bitter orange - uplifting and energising. Is used in ayurvedic medicine as an aid to meditation due to its stress relief and anti anxiety properties.
  • glass votive
  • crackling wood wick
  • crystal infused
  • 200g