'MAR' crystal infused candle
'MAR' crystal infused candle

Thora & Nell

'MAR' crystal infused candle

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masculine noun for sea
"dawn on the water"
The 'MAR' candle is poured with creamy, luxurious soy wax and blended with 100% pure essential oils. A lilting, fresh fragrance with light, uplifting notes. Citrus top notes of lime, lemon and white grapefruit are teamed with fresh eucalyptus and relaxing clary sage, anchored by grassy vetiver. Infused with a healing opalite crystal which provides a strong and persistent energy. Opalite aids during transitional periods of all kinds and gives us energy to verbalise our thoughts and feelings. Opalite has been used in synergy with clear quartz to aid its healing properties as clear quartz amplifies energies of other crystals whilst also being a 'master healer'.
essential oils
lime - a fresh, citrus fragrance can instantly revive and refresh the spirit and energise the mind.
lavender - a fresh, powdery floral. Lavender can calm the nerves and encourage relaxation and can also aid a peaceful nights sleep.
eucalyptus - a strong, fresh and invigorating fragrance that cleanses the mind and body and can aid relaxation and promote clear breathing.