'AIRE' crystal infused candle
'AIRE' crystal infused candle

Thora & Nell

'AIRE' crystal infused candle

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masculine noun for air
"cool winds in the cottage garden"

The 'AIRE' candle is poured with creamy, luxurious soy wax and blended with 100% pure essential oils. A crisp, fresh fragrance with light, uplifting notes. Bracing top notes of peppermint, white grapefruit and clary sage are teamed with middle notes of musky rosewood and relaxing lavender, anchored by deep clean cedarwood.
Infused with a calming selenite wands which instils deep peace and assists judgement and insight. Clear quartz has been used in conjunction with selenite wands as the stone amplifies energies of other crystals whilst also being a 'master healer'. Clear quartz regulates and and absorbs energies whilst warding off negativity. It can also aid concentration and harmonise and align the chakras.
essential oils
peppermint - a light fresh fragrance, known for being able to alleviate digestive problems and ease nausea.
rosemary - aromatic and herby, rosemary is known for its stimulating, soothing and relieving properties.
cedarwood - a grounding woody, clean oil that can promote feelings of vitality and wellness and can also help improve emotional balance.